3 Best Ways to Manage Stress

3 Best Ways to Manage Stress:

1. Create boundaries and make them non-negotiable

This includes specific times without technology, specific days/times during the week where you do something purely for yourself or allowing yourself to say no to things that don’t serve you and your goals. Allow yourself and your body time to switch off from the daily grind and worries. Remember that doing so will actually accelerate you further forward.

2. Practice diaphragmatic or belly breathing daily.

This calms the sympathetic nervous system, which stops the body from being in flight or fight mode and initiating the responses discussed above. It also pushes more oxygen around the body, which energises you right down to a cellular level and helps prevent illness and disease.

3. Get curious.
Listen to what your body is telling you and notice how it responds in different situations. Documenting this for a few weeks is ideal as it will allow you to identify patterns and understand what your stress triggers are. Once you know this you can put plans in place to reduce or eliminate the impact of these triggers – remember stress is just a state of mind, so while we may not be able to physically remove the cause of stress we can change your response to it.

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