4 tips to get your MOJO back

Are you constantly feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and fed-up with life in general? Do you yearn for the ‘you’ of yesteryear… or even pine for your energy levels from a few weeks ago? If so, then you may have lost your MOJO in true Austin Powers’ style.

Thankfully, I have 4 tips to get your MOJO back and to help you feel energised, content, powerful and self-confident again in no time.

MOVE – Fuel your mojo by exercising regularly. As difficult as it can be to motivate yourself to be active especially when you’re lacking in the MOJO department, it is crucial to get moving to give your mojo a kick-start. Aim for at least 20 minutes of activity per day.

OPEN your mind – be open to new opportunities and experiences. Learn something new, such as a language, craft, sport or skill. Travel somewhere you have never been before. Make new friends. Your MOJO thrives on open-mindedness.

JUBILATE – Acknowledge and applaud your achievements no matter how big or small. MOJO loves self-appreciation. Maybe you have completed a project at work, cleared out your wardrobe, paid and filed away some household bills or have you just ran a half-marathon. Whatever the accomplishment, strike it off your list and mark it ‘complete’. Reward yourself with a small gift or celebratory lunch with friends, and wait for your MOJO to bounce back.

OMMMM – The yogic mantra and divine Indian chant has been used to relax both body and mind for centuries. It is said to be the sound of the universe. Take 10 minutes each day (when you wake up or before bed) to reflect on what is worrying you or making you anxious and then empty your mind of your concerns. Breathe deeply and hum the incantation. Be mindful of your energy, the bigger picture, the universe, and your place in it.

How have these 4 tips to get your mojo back worked for you?  Which did you find worked the best?

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