5 tips to perform at your peak

We all know we need to relax more, but there’s simply no time to, right? The problem is if we don’t, eventually our bodies will rebel and we’ll start to experience issues such as erratic energy, weight gain, low mood and clouded thinking – all of which are not conducive to operating at our full potential. So if we can’t just hop off on a mini break every time we feel stressed, what can we do to keep ourselves firing on all cylinders and smashing goals in all areas of our lives? The key is to learn how to give your mind a break and manage the way you interpret and respond to the world around you.

1. Get connected to what is really important to you and what you really want
Often we get bogged down by all the general day to day stuff. We easily forget about our ‘higher’ purpose and why we’re on this planet, and as a result it’s more difficult to identify where we should focus our energy to get the most out of what we do. Consequently we enter into a vicious cycle of feeling like we’re under achieving because we’re not progressing at the rate we desire, and working even harder to compensate for that.

So, get connected or reconnected to your core values; the five key elements that make up who you are. These will be your guide in everything you do – if something doesn’t serve them, either delegate or drop it and move on to something that does. Next get super clear on what it is that you ultimately want, get deep and specific with this one, and don’t let your head tell you something isn’t possible.

2. Listen to your body
The body is wise. If you need to pay attention to it, you will be sent a signal – it might start with a sore throat or ‘dicky tummy’, but if you don’t heed its warning it may come back with something more serious like diabetes or ‘The Big C’. It’s easy when you’re so busy to ignore these signs and just accept it as the new normal: “My back hurts when I sit for too long”, “I need coffee before I can function in the morning”. THAT’S NOT NORMAL PEOPLE! So please, tune in to what’s really going on inside, because if you truly want to reach your goals you’re going to need your body on board. Start with documenting how you feel and relating it to what’s going on around you and what you’re doing – how many hours did you sleep, where is your energy and stress out of 10, how many coffees have you had, what have you eaten. Just a quick note will help you to identify patterns so you can begin to understand what triggers different responses in your body, and once you know this you can change the ones that aren’t serving you and keep doing the ones that are.

3. Create boundaries
Give your brain a chance by creating routines that allow it to have a break. Turn off technology an hour before bed, take yourself away from your desk in the middle of the day, have a designated night where you do whatever the hell you want. Whatever you decide to do, write it down, schedule it and make it non-negotiable. Can you imagine if you never sat your phone down and put it on charge, it wouldn’t even last a day before it became useless! Remember, if you want to move forward you need to take a step back.

4. Get an accountabilibuddy
Find a friend or colleague you can check in with regularly. Without even realising it, we bottle up our worries and then eventually they grow into something far greater than they ever needed to be. Our thoughts become our reality, so if there’s an unconscious thought occurring repeatedly we will unconsciously start to shape our reality to fit with that, which as you can imagine is rather unhelpful if it’s an undesirable thought.

5. Seek professional help
If you identify that you do indeed have an issue presenting please don’t wait to seek out the assistance you require. Perhaps you need to see a doctor or naturopath if you are experiencing something physical, or if you just can’t your head in the game you will do yourself an enormous favour if you enlist the help of a coach or therapist. This is particularly important because our thoughts and beliefs form the basis of everything we do and the way we interpret the world, so by understanding what these are for you and changing the ones that are not serving you, you will propel yourself forward with more momentum than you ever believed possible.

I urge you to get stuck into these tips now, rather than waiting until the next time you feel stressed, tired or over-worked. By employing strategies such as these consistently you will begin to create a solid foundation of energy, clarity and drive that will enable you to propel forward to where you want to be and live the life you dream of. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

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