8 Ways To Reawaken Your Sex Drive

Most people go through a sexual slump at some point in their lives… often numerous times!  Maybe you’ve taken on extra responsibility at work and the stress is getting to you, maybe you’re feeling less attractive than usual, or maybe you just aren’t in the mood these days. Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship and finding ways to increase your sex drive can be beneficial for you and your partner – so how can you get your libido going again?

Here are ideas around 8 ways to reawaken your sex drive:

Exercise – Research has shown that exercise improves libido and connects you with your body, helping to reduce body insecurity in the bedroom. By adding a couple of gym sessions into your weekly schedule you’ll find yourself wanting to work up a sweat at home too.

Turn Off Electronics – Sexual interest commonly peaks around bedtime but our obsession with our smartphones, laptops, and television can often get in the way. Try putting all electronics away half an hour before bed… you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Meditate – Stress and anxiety can greatly reduce your sex drive so you need to find ways to deal with them before you hit the bedroom. Meditating for ten minutes a day can diminish feelings of anxiety so look up a meditation tutorial online and let your stresses melt away.

Prioritise Sex – Sometimes you have to get back into the routine of having sex before you’ll feel the urge to go at it again. Talk to your partner about agreed times to have sex and even if you aren’t feeling it at first, you’ll find that your libido starts to grow with practice.

Spice Things Up – Try stepping outside of your usual routine and doing something to make yourself feel extra sexy. This could be going away to a romantic hotel for the weekend, buying new underwear, or doing a striptease for your partner. These small changes can reignite your sexual energy… often requiring extra courage at the start – but worth it!

Discuss Your Turn-Ons – The act of speaking honestly to your partner about sex can open up your lines of communication and become a form of foreplay, so be candid about what you’d like to do in the bedroom. Discussing sex can be as arousing as physical foreplay so try talking it out.

Consider Your Triggers – Think about times when you feel like having sex and times when you don’t and try to pinpoint anything that triggers these feelings. Maybe you always feel turned on after date night but your libido dies when you feel unattractive. Working on these triggers can be the trick to reawakening your sex drive.

Check Your Birth Control – If you’re a woman who uses hormonal birth control, check in with your doctor about whether your medication may be affecting your sex drive. These hormones can dampen your libido so look into alternative options if your doctor thinks this could be the case.  If you have any additional health concerns, it is always recommended to broach these with your doctor as soon as possible.

It’s natural to go through periods of sexual disinterest but they definitely don’t need to last forever. These effective ways to reawaken your sex drive will get you back in the mood before you know it!

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