Celebrate your way to success

Driven and ambitious people often get so wrapped up in ticking things off lists, attending to the demands of daily life (both work and personal) and thinking up new strategies and action plans that we forget to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate our achievements.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs in particular are often juggling multiple tasks with less budget for hired help and skills, making time a valued and fleeting commodity.  We place so much pressure on ourselves to be the best, t0 achieve more and then to move onto the next task and do that brilliantly too, that we forget to celebrate the little things we’ve accomplished.  In doing so, we often lose sight of how far we’ve come, how much we’ve learned, what we’ve accomplished and how we feel about it.

Achieving goals becomes a vicious circle of energy investment, activity and hard work.  We beat ourselves up about the things that we haven’t managed to get done, that we haven’t been able to tick off and that we should have done sooner.  We beat ourselves up over what we haven’t done, rather than what we have.

Could this be you?

Celebrations are important.  I’m not talking champagne, fireworks or all day spa treatments either… although those definitely have their place!

I’m talking taking a moment to feel the achievement, the sense of pride, ownership and accomplishment at having undertaken tasks.  A celebration can be a simple moment of “YES! I DID IT!”.

It’s about having perspective, positivity and realising our own power – something many of us doubt on a regular basis.

Lists are great : Lists are a powerful tool for prioritising and structuring our minds around a workload.  They are also a fabulous way of being able to look back and reflect on past accomplishments.  Even better is to use the same diary or journal, to be able to flip backwards to see what you were able to accomplish yesterday, last week or even last month.  Had you forgotten about those things?

Attach ownership to your success : You were the reason that those achievements happened.  If you had assistance with achieving them, let those involved know how pleased you are that they were involved and how appreciative you are with what’s been accomplished.  Take a moment to feel the positivity and spread the cheer.  It will do wonders for your mindset, sense of accountability and verbalising your achievement helps to commit it to memory.  Positivity breeds proactivity, both with yourself and others.

Verbalise your achievement : Tell a loved one about your accomplishment/s.  It helps to re-affirm the sense of ownership and success, as well as often receiving an outsider’s perspective – often far more impressive and gushy!

Attach a sense of pride to achievements :  When you think about certain things that you’d like to achieve, visualise the feeling of pride and elation you’ll feel once these goals have been attained.  Don’t forget to bask in the moment, when these are accomplished!

Guard your mindset : When you’re feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere – turn back a few pages.  It’s about perspective.

It’s all too easy to get impatient with progress and to set ourselves unrealistic expectations.  Celebrations help to keep things in the moment and to acknowledge our immediate success, empowering us with positivity and energy to move forward.  Did any of this resonate with you?  Share this with someone you know who is prone to bypass their very well-earned celebrations!



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