How To Create A Killer Facebook Campaign With This Mega Hack

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Facebook campaigns can be tricky to navigate if you’re not working with them every day – and indeed if you are! This mega hack will make the process easier.

So let’s not beat around the bush, and just get straight to the mega hack:

Hire an expert.

Your time and mental health are far too valuable to try and do this yourself. 

The trouble with creating your own Facebook campaign

Having worked alongside a Facebook expert in a marketing agency, I’ve seen first-hand what a pain in the arse Facebook can be – even for someone who knows it inside out and works with it every day.

From what I saw, you can pretty much guarantee that something will go wrong at some point in the process. Often, the same thing you’ve done time and time again will just randomly not work. Or of course Facebook will wake up that morning and decide to change an algorithm or a small (but very important) feature that was integral to your entire campaign.

You simply can’t learn all the work arounds you need to navigate Facebook successfully from a course or YouTube video. You have to experience it on a daily basis. Only then can you understand all its quirks and nuances, and know how to make allowances to keep everything on track and get a decent ROI (the stuff dreams are made of).

It’s not dissimilar to being married to an Italian actually. Only now, having had the pleasure of experiencing my Tuscan husband on a daily basis for the last seven years, can I easily navigate his “Italian-ness” to ensure a (relatively) peaceful life and keep our relationship on track. 

Had I only interacted with him on an adhoc basis for example, I wouldn’t have known that:

  • You can avoid him having a full meltdown by simply ensuring you NEVER change ANYTHING in an Italian recipe
  • I’d need to budget time in my schedule to go to the emergency room every time he had a headache
  • And putting the air conditioner on when you’re even just a little bit sweaty is basically like writing your own death warrant


Just like Facebook, you have to live it in order to know how to get the best out of it (yes, I’m referring to my husband as “It” – which incidentally is another no, no).

Facebook needs time to mature

Like a fine wine your Facebook campaigns will get better with age. So you must be patient.

Expecting immediate results with Facebook is like expecting to get vintage wine from sucking on a grape. It needs to develop and go through a process before it will give you what you want.

In this instance, the grape is your Facebook pixel. And the “process” is running strategic campaigns to allow it to “learn” your audience so it can get progressively more targeted and give you those juicy results.

Again, a social media expert will know this and will set up campaigns to “age” your pixel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How to choose the right social media expert for your Facebook campaign

Basically, if they’re not asking you questions about your business goals, your marketing objectives and your audience – run for the hills!

Social media doesn’t work in isolation to your business, it compliments it. So you must ensure:

  • It fits nicely into the overall puzzle
  • It’s designed to take you closer to what you want to achieve
  • It targets the right people

Otherwise you’re essentially just casting a rod into the middle of the ocean and hoping the fish you want happen to swim by. And the bait that you’re constantly throwing in by the way, is your money. 

Take this from someone who once spent $14,000 – yes, FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS – with a digital marketing “expert” who returned me zero – yes, ZERO – results. It seems I was the prize catch for that dick head.

So if Facebook is an important part of your business growth, I implore you to do yourself a favour and invest in an expert to run your campaigns – your business, blood pressure and mental health will thank you for it.



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