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Female Employee Promoted For Speaking Up

Team Meeting

Team Leader, Heather Sharpley, was elated earlier this week when she was unexpectedly offered a promotion after advising her superior on a more effective way to draw a dick.

Managing Director, Daniel Field, said he will be eternally grateful to Sharpley for pointing out his sub-par penis during their monthly meeting. “I can’t believe I’ve been drawing it all this time without the pubes and droplets of semen – people must think I’m completely incompetant. I simply had to reward Heather for having the balls to speak up.”

Sharpley states that she has always been committed to helping her colleagues and teams grow. “Although I was extremely anxious about being honest with Daniel, since he’s higher up the pecker pecking order, I just couldn’t allow him to continue producing such a mediocre member.”

Shipley said in her celebration speech to the company, “As a leader it’s important to lead the way. I’ve been drawing dicks for more than two decades, so I knew I had to find the confidence to share that expertise with Daniel, to support him in his growth and give others the courage to rise up.”

By Rod Johnson


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