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Laser Hair Removal: The key to connection

Connection – it’s something we all crave in our lives but sadly something we lack, as a result of our consistent busyness and pre-occupation with technology.

Ironically however, obtaining connection (whether that’s with yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues, your environment) is actually much easier than you might think – and the impact it has on your life and how you feel is exponential.

It all starts with being comfortable with being vulnerable. When we can be ok with allowing people to see us for who we really are, without restrictions, that is when we can truly connect and feel like we belong to something greater than the never ending to-do list or number of carbs in our diet.

Unfortunately however we tend to repel vulnerability, rather than embrace it, and we find all sorts of ways to numb it and create barriers to avoid exposing our real selves, for fear that we won’t be good enough.

So join me in this episode of my podcast, Be free from mind f*ckery, as I discuss what vulnerability is, and how numbing it can create a never ending amount of mind f*ckery and leave you exhausted, unhealthy and down right bloody miserable.

I’ll also be sharing one mega strategy with you that will allow you to get comfortable with vulnerability immediately.

Enjoy my friends, and don’t forget to rate/review, subscribe and share while you’re there 🙂

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