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I’m not buying new clothes until I’ve lost weight

“I’m not going to buy any new clothes until I’ve lost weight”. Ahhhhh, a common case of mind f*ckery that actually pushes you even further away from the body you desire, and takes your self-confidence with it. Sound familiar?

Having spent years working with clients, both in gyms and through stress management coaching, I’ve watched more people than I would care to mention consistently f*ck themselves over both physically and mentally, constantly striving for the wrong thing and punishing themselves for not having it.

The problem occurs because you’re actually focusing on the opposite of what you want, and you’re delusional about the final outcome. You see, as much as you don’t want to admit it, the truth is you secretly believe that when you lose weight you’ll be happier and your place in this world will have more worth. You actually believe that so much, you are prepared to feel like sh*t until you get it.

The bad news is however, simply losing weight does not get you all of those things, so you continue to feel like sh*t while you continue to figure out a new way to get them…while simultaneously pushing yourself even further away from them! ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

Join me in this short and to the point podcast to find out how to be free from this mind f*ckery 🙂

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