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Re-boot your relationship

Are you well and truly over the honeymoon period in your relationship? Do you even have any memory of it at this point? Have you slipped into the same old routines and behaviours, and nothing feels exciting any more?

We tend to get to a place in our relationships where we become complacent and take things, and each other, for granted. We rarely do anything special for each other any more and we stop caring about details, such as shaving our legs or ‘putting out’ anywhere except the bedroom!

All this simply makes for a boring existence, and pushes us further and further into Groundhog Day, and all the mind f*ckery that comes with it. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

Join me in this episode of my podcast where I discuss how to re-boot your relationship and get some fun and excitement back into it…and therefore get some more fun and excitement back into you too.

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