Speaking & Workshops

Laura uses speaking & workshops to reach and add value to more people with her mission:

To make a massive dent in the rapidly increasing numbers of lifestyle related disease and levels of distress, that come as an unnecessary result of the highly stressed and pressured lifestyles we live today.

While there has been a bigger focus on the health and wellbeing of members and teams in recent years, Laura believes the focus is still not quite right. She sees companies wasting huge budgets on offering exercise programs and healthy eating options, but in order to create real change and ensure people are personally motivated from an intrinsic level, we need to go deeper than this.

That is exactly what the Uppy Framework does, and what underpins everything that Laura talks about and teaches. She’s not just about ticking boxes, she’s passionate about making a massive impact to people’s lives, and helping them take the right action towards a healthier & happier life, both personally and professionally.

Her refreshing honesty and upfront playful approach gives her audiences an experience like no other. They walk away feeling inspired, energised and liberated, because they know what’s really holding them back, they know how to change, and most importantly they’re motivated to take action.

Her keynote presentations and workshops are perfect for associations and businesses who want to help their members and teams to maximise their own personal potential. What Laura knows for sure, is if someone is not healthy, motivated and happy from a personal point of view, their professional potential is greatly limited. Unlocking this leads to greater retention, increased engagement and productivity, and ultimately more profit for the company. From small changes, comes great opportunity.





Popular Stuff I talk About

The fire that freed me

I had reached the peak of my business career and had achieved everything I’d been striving for, but rather than feeling on top of the world my body was shutting down and my life was falling to pieces. It wasn’t until my business burned down before my eyes that I finally realised i needed to make a change. It took a major disaster for me to take action and turn my life around, so in this inspirational talk I combine my story with my experience as a fitness professional, life coach and stress management expert, to help the audience make the necessary changes before they too hit rock bottom.

The busyness epidemic

Have you noticed that nowadays we judge our success on how busy we are? But is that really getting us better results? It’s no coincidence that at the same time we’re experiencing a rapid increase in lifestyle related disease and levels of distress. In this talk I discuss the physical impacts of busyness on our bodies, how it’s making us more unhealthy and miserable than ever, and how to overcome this and create a new definition of success.

Uncomfortableness isn’t permanent

It’s a fact that no-one truly likes change, but it’s also a fact that change is necessary if you want to move forward in business and in life. This talk addresses the importance of change, and how to manage and overcome the inevitable uncomfortableness that comes with it.

It’s not them it’s you

As human beings we’re terrified of failing or being exposed as a fraud, so we do everything we can to relinquish responsibility and prevent this from happening. Unfortunately however, this actually prevents us from having the life that we want, so we end up feeling frustrated, de-motivated and stuck. This talk teaches the audience how to take full control of everything that happens to them, and in doing so improve the quality of their lives, both personally and professionally.

Sabotage to success

We’re living in an age of excess. We want it all and we want it now. When we feel like we can’t have that, we look for distractions to ease the pressure and protect ourselves. Often these distractions come in the form of self-sabotage, and take us further away from what we really want. Self-sabotage is simply fear in disguise. In this talk, I teach the audience how to unmask unhelpful behaviours, reveal what’s truly holding them back and then let it go so they can accelerate towards their goals.

Let’s talk about it

The way we communicate, both with ourselves and others, has the power to make or break our relationships and experiences. Communication goes way beyond what simply comes out of our mouths, so this talk focuses on teaching the audience how to build rapport and solid relationships at a deeper level, enabling them to form more meaningful connections and create win/win scenarios in every interaction


A workshop is a perfect solution to motivate and educate your team or members to take specific action in a particular area of their lives or skillset.

We offer half and full day training sessions, as well as workshop series that run periodically over the course of a few months or year.

Whatever your keynote or workshop needs, if you think that Laura and Uppy are the right fit for you, please get in touch so we can chat about your requirements.

“In order to move forward you must be prepared to feel uncomfortable”Laura Moore - Queen of Uppyness