The secret to ultimate productivity

In a world where no-one ever has enough time to do everything they want, we’ve become obsessed with being productive. Somewhere along the line however, we’ve decided that being productive means being busy. But with over 60% of Australian businesses failing in the first three years, and the statistics of lifestyle related disease, stress and mental health issues rapidly increasing, one has to question how this version of productivity is really working for us.

As far as I’m concerned, redefining productivity is one of the most important steps I take with my clients. Once they learn to detach their personal identity and self-worth from their work and understand that being productive starts with looking after themselves, they produce far greater results…and have a much better time in the process.

In order to achieve this, and therefore achieve ultimate productivity, there are three key areas that must be addressed:

1. Know who you really are and what really drives you
More often than not we get stuck in a cycle of doing what we think we “should” do and being who we “should” be, and as a result we don’t feel fulfilled because we’re not working on the things that really matter to us. So we work harder for longer trying to fill the void, and trying to ensure we don’t get found out as the fraud we think we are.

By knowing who you really are and what really drives you, and having the confidence to stay true to that, it gives you complete clarity on where to focus your time and energy at any given moment, meaning you’re more “productive” because you’re working on and achieving what you really want – in all areas of your life.

2. Understand and respect the connection between the mind and body
When we’re constantly on the go and never switching off our brains think we’re in danger so it puts our bodies into fight or flight mode to ensure we survive. This increases the risk of sickness and disease, effects energy levels, mood and motivation, and impacts our ability to make decisions and be proactive. Of course in this state it’s difficult to work efficiently and get clear on what will give you the greatest return on your efforts.

Understanding how the mind drives the body however, allows you to leverage its power to work with you rather than against you, and ensure you have the energy, clarity and motivation to keep working on what really matters.

3. Master the way you communicate with yourself
You are absolutely what you think. The brain will organise all the information you absorb to determine how you interpret and experience the world, based on what’s going on inside your mind – your thoughts, experiences, beliefs, values, memories and attitudes.

If you can identify and focus on those elements of your mind that align most with who you really are and what you really want, that’s when you will achieve true balance and ultimate productivity, because you’ll be free to just be you and do what matters, rather than constantly working to prove yourself and compensate for what you feel you’re not.

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