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How to create a solid future for yourself and your family without working your arse into the ground

If you’d like to continue to grow your business efficiently, make more money and get more quality time with your family…

…this will be the most important opportunity for you this year.

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When you got into business did you imagine it would be like this? I’m guessing you wanted to do your own thing so you could have the freedom you want, to live the life you want, with the people you love…am I right?

But with that comes a lot of pressure and responsibility. You’re working your arse off to build a profitable and sustainable business so you can give your family everything they want and deserve, and set yourselves up with a solid future so you can spend more quality time together…but ironically in doing so you’re missing out on valuable time with them now, time that you know you’ll never get back – which puts even more pressure on you and fills you with guilt.

You’re constantly thinking about how you’re going to make the money you need for the life you all want, and you know that if you just work hard now you’ll have a better chance at achieving that, but you’re starting to wonder at what cost.

You worry you’re not being the best father or partner you can be, but you don’t know how to find the balance between providing for them AND being there for them.

You’re concerned you’re not looking after your health, and about the impact that will have on the quality of your life in the future, but you don’t have the time or energy to prioritise it.

And you’re frustrated, because it feels like no matter what you do or how hard you work, you don’t get a decent return on your efforts, so you feel like you’re not reaching your full potential and you’re letting the side down.

All you want to do is grow your business and make some decent cash, but right now you’re wondering if it’s all worth it because the only thing it’s making you is tired, stressed and kind of lonely.

It’s hardly surprising though, given all the external pressures you constantly have coming at you:

Apparently as a society we’ve decided that in order to be successful you must be busy. So that tricks you into thinking you should always be on the go and doing something “productive”, otherwise you’re made to feel guilty and like you’re not doing your best or reaching your full potential.

But at the same time, you’re also told you must have “work/life balance”, so the messages are incredibly conflicting – should you be busy or should you be balanced? It’s extremely frustrating, because you know you want and need balance, but at the same time you need to make money so you need to be busy…ARGH, what’s a man supposed to do!

All this equal opportunities business hasn’t done you guys any favours either. Yes of course it’s important that everyone’s treated fairly, but it seems as though the scales have started to tip the other way and women are being elevated into positions and given certain rights purely because they’re women, and not based on their individual capabilities and merits. So again, this can make it more difficult for you to get a decent return on your efforts and get the recognition you deserve – which is very demotivating and demoralising.

Ironically however, although there have been a lot of advancements in terms of women being more equal to men – as a society we still fundamentally hold the beliefs that men should provide for the family and women should care for them.

So as a man, it’s bloody confusing, because you’re still expected to fulfil that typical male role but at the same time women are trying to take that on too, so it leaves you wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do and who you’re supposed to be, which puts you under even more pressure and encourages you to work even harder as you’re forced to prove yourself.

WOW, it’s actually freaking exhausting being a man isn’t it!

Can you imagine how much easier and more fun business and life would be if you could remove some of those expectations, and just be free to be who are really are and do what you really want?

Then you can break out of this “busyness loop” and take total control of your time.

You can grow the business in a way that allows you to make the money you need to create a solid future AND live now.

You won’t have to wait to spend quality time with your family, to travel or to pursue what you love – you can do it now and do it consistently.

And you can provide for your family in a far greater way than you ever thought possible – you can create that powerful legacy for the future while being a legend to them now!

And the good news is, having all of this is much easier than you might think. I’ve created a process (and in a minute I’ll show you how that process forms the foundation of my signature personal performance program for male business leaders) that will specifically allow you to:

  • Enhance the quality of your life and health so you can have the energy and drive to concentrate on what’s really important to you
  • Get more clarity and focus so you can grow your business more efficiently and set yourself up for the future you want, while enjoying yourself now
  • Boost your confidence and motivation so you can continually reach your full potential without restrictions or distractions
  • Improve your time efficiency so you can have more balance to do the things you love with the people you love – now and in the future
  • Have greater satisfaction, happiness and freedom so you can be present and engaged, and enjoy life to the fullest

So you can become a real leader in all aspects of your life:

Ultimately it comes down to three things:

  • Knowing who you really are and what you really want

  • Understanding and respecting the connection between your body and mind

  • Mastering the way you communicate with yourself

So the key to you creating a solid future for yourself and your family without working your arse into the ground, is YOU.

The reason I know this, with 100% certainty, is because I did work myself into the ground

But I managed to do it even before I’d created a solid future for myself and my family…which I’m actually quite pleased about, because I realise now I wasn’t building the right future anyway.

My old school mindset of “go hard or go home” had gotten me pretty far, to the point where I’d converted an old video store (remember those?!) into a boutique personal training studio and created a solid client base and loyal team. But eventually the ridiculous working hours and immense amount of pressure I put on myself to make money and be the best came back to bite me in the arse, and I started to burn out.

I had adrenal fatigue, extreme digestive issues, anxiety, erratic moods and unexplained weight gain. My personal life was non-existent and although on the face of it my business looked successful, behind closed doors it was failing. So as well as running on empty I was also freaking out but with no-one to turn to – which was an incredibly lonely and terrifying place to be.

The turning point for me was one Friday afternoon when I got a call from my head trainer to say, “Hey Laura, there’s been a bang and there’s some smoke.” I headed back to the studio to find smoke bellowing out the back of the building. To cut a long story short – over the course of the next few hours I stood and watched my entire gym burn down to the ground.

And by the way, if you’re thinking that seems convenient after I just told you my business was failing – I guess it kind of was! But it was actually caused by a fire in the neighbouring restaurant and wasn’t an insurance job! And if it was it would have been a shit job, as I wasn’t insured for enough so lost a considerable amount of money…but that’s a whole other story!

Anyway, I relocated the gym the next day and carried on trading – I went into fight mode. But after 9 months I finally shut the business down – my physical and mental health had continued to decline as I continued to put on a front to the world, so by that point I’d hit rock bottom.

Fast forward a few years to now and I couldn’t be more grateful for that fire. It eventually forced me to realise that the way I was operating wasn’t sustainable or indeed realistic. I realised that everything that had happened to me was a result of ME. Ok, so I didn’t start the fire – but the way I responded to the situation was all my choice.

I saw that my business was failing, not because there weren’t enough clients, but because I was subconsciously sabotaging it all with my perfectionism, fear of failure and need to be the best.

I saw that my health had gone to shit, not because I hadn’t found the right combo of diet and exercise, but because I was in a constant state of fight or flight mode and stress.

And I saw that my personal life and relationships were dysfunctional, not because I’d been working a lot, but because I’d withdrawn out of fear that they’d see me for the complete fraud I thought I was.

It cost me A LOT of time, money and, quite frankly, fucking around to get my health back on track and take total control of my life. I don’t want that for you or anyone else, which is why I’ve invested so much more time and money into creating and refining my methodology and programs, so I can easily teach you how to take control, before you too hit rock bottom.

And having been working with business leaders using this methodology for a number of years now, I’m proud to say that it gets life changing results every time. I’m talking about results like:

  • More efficient and profitable business
  • Increased employee engagement and retention
  • More confidence to step back and work on the business and take some extra time out
  • More time and less stress to be present with loved ones, so therefore improved relationships and more quality moments with the kids
  • Better physical and mental health – more energised, proactive, calmer and happier
  • More clarity and security regarding the future

Do you fancy a piece of that?!

Let me show you how I can help you get it. It’s important for you to know however that before you make any decisions I would like to have a chat with you. I want to make sure this really is the right thing for you right now, and indeed you’re right for it. You see, I’m all about getting you the results you really want – so I only want you to go into this if we’re both clear and confident that we have the potential to make that happen.

If you’ve already heard enough and you want to just crack on and have that chat, click on the button below to book in a time:

Or to find out the specifics of my methodology and program, please read on.

But before I tell you about it, let me make this very clear:

I am not a business coach.

Yes, I work with business owners and business leaders, but as I’ve already said – what I know, having owned 3 businesses, brought myself back from burnout and coached hundreds of clients, is that the real key to success lies with YOU.

If you’re not personally performing at your peak, both physically and mentally, then the chances of you achieving everything you want in all areas of your life are highly unlikely.

So it’s important for me to reiterate that my focus is purely on personal performance. I’m not going to help you with your marketing strategy or sales process, because that’s not where real success lives. What I will do, is help you to maximise the way you think and behave, so that both you and your strategies work at a much higher level and get you to where you want to be much faster.

What that means is, this is going to require you to step out of your comfort zone. It’s going to require you to go to places within yourself you may never have been, or even thought about before…

BUT, in doing so you will open up a whole new world of opportunities. Opportunities that will allow you to be the businessman, husband and father you really want, and know, you can be.

So are you ready?

As I mentioned previously, everything I do is centred around 3 main principles:

  • Knowing who you really are and what you really want

  • Understanding and respecting the connection between your body and mind

  • Mastering the way you communicate with yourself

Through a series of specific strategies and techniques, I teach you how to master these three principles and give you all the tools you need to continually master them for the rest of your life.

That’s really the goal here – I’m going to teach you how to coach yourself, because personal performance is an ongoing thing. As human beings we’re constantly evolving and adapting as the world around us does, so it’s important you know how to manage and embrace that change each time it comes up.

As much as I’d love to work together forever, that’s not practical – so rather than simply give you a fish, I’m going to give you the rod and teach you how to catch your own, so you can continue to do so forever more!

And because you have my proven methodology at your disposal, you’ll always have the exact steps laid out for you whenever you need them. That’s quite unique in the personal coaching world actually – to have a tangible program with tangible steps and tangible outcomes. I’ve worked incredibly hard to be able to offer that, because in my experience driven leaders like you (and me) don’t go too well with the “Let’s just see what comes up” approach! Of course in coaching there is an element of that, but you need a plan so you have a goal and purpose to aim for, and something to allow you to gauge how you’re going…don’t you reckon?

So here’s how I bring all this together with my personal performance program designed specifically for male business leaders:

  • Kickstart 1-2-1 Strategy Session

    So we can tailor the program to you and set personalised tangible outcomes, so you have complete clarity around what you need to focus on before you start, and you can easily track and measure your results

  • Weekly Group Coaching

    So you can get consistent specialised advice, support and accountability, and maintain momentum to move through the program as efficiently as possible and get maximum results

  • 2 additional 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

    So you can get extra individualised guidance and support when you need it at any point you choose throughout the program

  • 24/7 Lifetime access to online learning portal

    So you can access all program content with supporting videos, worksheets and resources any time you like, allowing you to work at your own pace and maximise your time during the weekly coaching sessions to consistently go to the next level

  • Free access to project management portal

    So you can easily keep track of your weekly actions and progress, stay up to date with the other members of the team, ask questions and get support in real time, and receive high level accountability

  • Powerful Community

    So you can get faster and more powerful results. Statistically you’re 90% more likely to achieve your goals if you work alongside others with shared goals and interests, so we leverage this by working in a group with other successful business leaders

  • Guaranteed results

    With my proven methodology at it’s foundation, I can guarantee that you will get results if you follow the program and do the work

So basically, every element of the program has been included to provide you with the highest level of expertise, support and accountability. I want to make it easy for you to slot all this into your life and make it part of how you naturally role, so it doesn’t become a pain in your arse and ANOTHER chore you have to get done.

Real change happens slow and steady, because you need to allow time for something to stick before you add on the next layer – if you want the changes to last for the long-term of course.

So it’s for that exact reason the program runs for 6 months, with lifetime access to the online portal so you always have the tools you need when you need them.

Before I tell you any more, let’s see what a couple of my previous clients have to say about my program:

Mark, Relationship Management Specialist

Prior to working with Laura, I was at a point where I felt lost with no direction or goals in my personal life, or my working career. I was in a business which was not giving me any fulfilment, and in my personal life I was trapped on the same ‘hamster wheel’ day in day out.

Laura worked with me to drill down on my values to figure out what really makes me tick, whilst giving me frameworks for making decisions in my personal/work life which align to those values – after all if they are out of sync, that’s where it all goes wrong!  She also helped me to manage and overcome the things that had been holding me back, which was incredibly powerful.

Working with her as a coach has been phenomenal, and it’s an added bonus she’s such an amazing person, you need her in your life!  

Adam, Construction Project Management

Before I started working with Laura I was in several bad relationships and unable to be honest with myself about my life and the insecurities that were effecting my professional productivity but also my relationships with friends, partners and family. 

After just a few sessions I noticed a change in how I was able to view my life. I started being more productive and was a lot less negative towards challenges. I woke up with more purpose than I had in a very long time and now appreciate life in ways I never thought possible.

Friends and work colleagues alike say they have noticed a big difference in my behaviour. They tell me I am a better leader more focused, more confident and much happier.

Do you fancy joining Mark and Adam, and being the next success story? Then let’s have a chat!

Righty-o, let's summarise everything shall we?
If you’re a male business leader who wants to create a powerful legacy for your family while being a legend to them now – I’d like to invite you to be part of my life changing personal performance program exclusively for men:

Ultimate Provider

Over the course of 6 months we will change the way you fundamentally think and behave, so you can indeed create and live the life you want with the people you love.

Here's a reminder of how we'll do that:

  • Kickstart 1-2-1 Strategy Session
  • Weekly group coaching
  • 2 additional 1-2-1 coaching sessions
  • 24/7 Lifetime access to online learning portal
  • Free access to online learning portal
  • Powerful community
  • High level accountability
  • Proven methodology
  • Guaranteed results

Results you can expect:

  • Enhanced quality of your life and health so you can have the energy and drive to concentrate on what’s really important to you
  • More clarity and focus so you can grow your business more efficiently and set yourself up for the future you want, while enjoying yourself now
  • Boosted confidence and motivation so you can continually reach your full potential without restrictions or distractions
  • Improved time efficiency so you can have more balance to do the things you love with the people you love – now and in the future
  • Greater satisfaction, happiness and freedom so you can be present and engaged, and enjoy life to the fullest
Ok, so I know what you’re thinking now…what’s the investment?
Great question! I have two options for you:



$1497 / month


One time payment


Choose this option and get these awesome bonuses:

SAVE $1000!


Get free tickets to live events

(so you can maximise your results with extra intensive learning & support)


Get 3 extra 1-2-1 coaching sessions

(so you can accelerate your results with additional personalised guidance every month)

If you’re thinking about doing this, or even if you’re still on the fence, please book a chat with me now so together we can decide the best game plan for you.

(Note: if for whatever reason I believe this isn’t for you at this time, I will let you know during our call, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction)

Next program starts week beginning 8th July!

(Doors close June 30th)

To ensure you get maximum results I keep the groups small, so there's 


Secure your spot before 8pm on June 28th and receive an extra BONUS:

A private half day VIP intensive workshop with me!

So you can get ahead of the game, create a clear personalised program strategy to keep you on track and focused and master the fundamental mindset techniques that will accelerate your success.

Valued at $2000!


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I've opened up my calendar so you can make the most of this amazing opportunity to get rapid results. So please book in a chat with me before Friday 28th, and let's get you as much value as is humanly possible!!

I’m also offering a full 30 day money back guarantee – so there’s absolutely no risk!

Because I’m so confident in my methodology and program, I’m happy to give you all your money back if you follow the program and do all the work for the first month, and you don’t believe you’ll get results by the end of the program.

And if you bring along or refer a friend to either this program or the female program, I'll give you both $400!

If you've still got questions in your mind, let me see if I can answer some of them for you:


  • How is the program delivered?

    The program is delivered online, making it much more accessible and convenient for you. The coaching is delivered using Zoom video conferencing software, which is free to download for all my clients. You will also have the opportunity to attend my live events that happen throughout the year – either at a reduced rate or free, depending on which payment option you choose.

  • How long does the program run for?

    The full program runs for 6 months and you have lifetime access to the online learning portal. 6 months is the minimum time for this program because I need to ensure you have moved through all the stages of change while still under my guidance and you’re able to maintain the results you achieve. By following the process properly, it means these 6 months will last a lifetime.

  • Do you have payment plans?

    You have the option of paying in monthly instalments if you prefer to spread out the cost, otherwise there is the option to make one payment in full that comes with bonuses including $1000 discount, free tickets to live events and 3 extra 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me. If you take advantage of the early bird offer and secure your spot before 8pm on 10th June you’ll also get an extra $2000 worth of value with a private VIP intensive workshop with me.

  • How can you guarantee I'll get results?

    Anyone who has ever followed my methodology properly and implemented all the actions and strategies, has achieved amazing results and improved their life significantly. Because I’ve continually seen these results first-hand (as well as personally experienced them), I can say with confidence that results are inevitable if you do the work. And because I’m so confident in my methodology and program, I’m happy to give you all your money back if you follow the program and do all the work for the first month, and you don’t believe you’ll get results by the end of the program.

  • How much time will I have to commit to this every week?

    We have the 60 – 90 minute weekly coaching sessions, which I always try to keep to the same time each week so you can block it out of your calendar consistently. On top of that I would allow another hour on average to specifically sit down and access the online learning portal and/or work through the strategies. I’m all about getting shit done, so I have built the program in a way that requires you to only make small changes each week and then build upon them, meaning you can more easily fit them into your schedule and you’re more likely to get them done – therefore you’re more likely to get results! Our goal is to make this your new way of being, so once you’ve done the learning it’s about simple daily actions.

  • What if I'm not comfortable talking about my personal stuff with others in the group environment?

    This is an excellent question, and one I get all the time. Unfortunately we’ve been conditioned to think that if we need help, particularly with our personal lives, then there must be something wrong with us and therefore we must feel ashamed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Firstly let me make this clear – THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You’re not broken and you don’t need to be fixed, we simply need to change a few things about the way you think and behave so it aligns with who you are and what you want. There’s no standard right or wrong to any of this – there’s only a right or wrong FOR YOU, and that’s what we’re going to uncover. So actually, being in a group setting with other men who are in the exact same situation as you (trust me – you’re all in the same situation) can in fact make the process and results so much more powerful, because you learn even more through each other’s experiences, and it opens up even more opportunities to discover and grow. Plus you get a whole lot of extra accountability to keep you on track and committed to doing the work. Statistically you’re 90% more likely to achieve what you want if you share your journey with others and have someone keeping you specifically accountable. Of course if you’re completely uncomfortable with the group setting we can talk about the 1-2-1 options. Don’t you worry, either way I’ve got you covered!

  • What are your qualifications?

    I am an internationally certified executive coach and NLP practitioner. I also have a Cert III & Cert IV in fitness, a business diploma and BA Hons degree in photography, video and media. The latter may not seem specifically relevant to my programs, but it demonstrates my wider knowledge base and ability to apply what I do to various industries and scenarios. And let’s not forget my numerous qualifications in the school of life!! Honestly, I believe my personal experiences are truly what make me so good at what I do. From a young age I worked in my family business and learned how to get the most out of people, and these skills have continued to be built and refined throughout my life. I pride myself on my ability to make people feel instantly comfortable and relaxed, and my ability to understand almost immediately what’s going on for someone. I’m highly intuitive and can see a lot of things that others can’t. I’m also about as honest and authentic as you get, which allows open communication and therefore faster and more powerful results.

I'm regularly featured in the media and provide expert commentary regarding stress management and personal performance:

I’m also author of the bestselling book, Unfaked:

So are you ready? Then let's chat!

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