Unfaked Book

It’s bloody exhausting being a woman, don’t you think?

Trying to be everything to everyone, juggling a million things at once. And that’s not to mention all the worry.

We’ve become so consumed by who we think we “should” be and all the things we “should” do, that we’ve completely lost sight of who we really are.

And where has that got us? We’re more stressed, unhealthy and unhappy than ever before.


That’s why Unfaked was born. To show women that you can be successful without working yourself into the ground – and most importantly, you can have a good time in the process.

Unfaked is the story of Debs – a busy executive who bravely shares her innermost thoughts and feelings in real time, as she heads towards burnout and finds her way out again.

Luckily for you, Debs has an insatiable need for detail and organisation, so she documents everything – including all the strategies she uses to break free from the busyness loop and find true health and happiness.

You see, while Unfaked is Debs’ story, it’s also your story…because it’s actually the same story for all of us. So if you see even a little bit of yourself in Debs, this is your opportunity to make a change – before it’s too late.


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Honest, refreshing and 100% on point. Unfaked isn’t another “one-size fits all” solution – Laura has cleverly shared her advice and strategies in a way that allows you to make it your own, which means you’re much more likely to get the results you want, because you’re in the driving seat. I’ll definitely be recommending this book to every woman I know.
Catrina O'brien
Senior Retail Development Manager, Mattel Inc
Unfaked lays bare the thoughts and emotions we, as ladies, all have but don’t talk about. It made me quickly see that there’s a better way to do life – and it does so in such an entertaining, engaging and relatable way. For once I didn’t feel like I was being talked at or told what to do. I can’t recommend Unfaked highly enough to all the busy women out there.
Christina Doyle
Head of Client Strategy, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll
Unfaked provides valuable and practical advice for women with a hectic life. The insightful tips can be easily applied to assist in managing everyday situations to cultivate ongoing happiness and a healthy work-life balance. Thanks Laura for a useful and entertaining guidebook.
Sylvie Dimarco
Deputy Company Secretary, Perpetual Ltd
As a very busy entrepreneur and property developer, I could really relate to Debs’ story - in fact, sometimes I thought it was my story! I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much - it felt like it was speaking to me on my level and giving me advice that’s actually realistic for my crazy lifestyle. It’s also thoroughly entertaining - I laughed, cringed and even shed a few tears. This is a must read for all professional women.
Lucy Holland
Founder & CEO, Clinq Barware