Wednesday 21st June @ 7PM – AEST


What happens inside your body when you're busy and hectic all the time

How this is preventing you from having the body and life that you want

Practical tips and strategies to help you take back control

Have your clothes been slowly getting tighter and tighter, but it feels like no matter what you do you just can’t lose weight? Are you constantly on a diet or busting your arse at the gym, but still you’re not getting the results that you want…and deserve?

You may be fighting a losing battle. If you’re constantly on the go and feel like you never have enough time, the chances are your body is in a stress response – and when in this state, the last thing it wants to do is get rid of its energy source (the fat).

I spent years in this constant cycle of mind fuckery too, so I know how stressful and de-motivating it can be. Together with this first-hand experience and that of working with hundreds of clients in the health and wellness industry and as a Stress Management Expert, I’ve created a framework that helps you to break free of these restraints, get back your body, energy and drive, and live the life you truly want to live.

In this free training, I will take you through my step by step process that has proven to work time and time again in helping busy driven professionals and business owners win the battle of the bulge, take back control of their bodies and live more. This shit works my friends 

I believe that without your health you have nothing…

Do you want to feel healthy and energised again so you can focus on getting the important shit done?

Are you ready to do life in a new way and accelerate towards smashing all of your goals, both personal and professional?

And have the confidence to take whatever life throws at you and laugh in its face?

The truth is, we’re the biggest priority in our lives but we get bumped down the to-do list every single day and it’s just not working any more. So I’m here to share with you what it takes to get back control of your biggest and most valuable asset, and create the body and life that you really want…and deserve.


The Uppy program was the catalyst I needed. It challenged my fundamental beliefs and values until there was no logical direction but up. Through intelligent, intuitive guidance and a quantitative program, Laura supported me to make and sustain essential and vital changes. These changes are promoting the health and clarity I need to continue to grow my business and balance all areas of my life. Thank you for everything Jasmin Romic - Accounting and Financial Management Business Owner


I am an International Life and Stress Management Expert. I founded my company, Uppy, after I experienced first-hand the effects that a busy and hectic lifestyle can have on your body and life. I hit rock bottom with my health, my business was losing money and my personal life was non-existent. Safe to say it was a pretty miserable situation. It cost me a lot of time and money to figure out how to truly get my body and life back. It wasn’t until I realised, appreciated and respected the fact that it was my mind driving my body that I finally started to recover.

Subsequently, by gaining a deeper insight into my own personal experiences and marrying them with my professional experiences of working with hundreds of clients, managing teams and building businesses, I now know all of the factors that can affect health, performance and indeed life, and the solutions needed to not only overcome them but take back control of them and live more.

I have supported Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Executives and MPs to take their lives and careers to a whole new level. They have regained their passion, joy, energy, clarity, confidence and drive. They have accelerated forward in their businesses and careers, and most importantly they have more time for themselves, loved ones and children, meaning the quality of their relationships have improved exponentially.

I have been featured in many publications including The Financial Review, Huffington Post and national newspapers, and have appeared on Channel 9 and 10. My wealth of knowledge and experience means that I know what it takes to truly live an extraordinary life…and enjoy the process. My passion and mission is to help you uncover and unlock your full personal potential, both physically and mentally, so that you can thrive rather than survive and catapult your life to levels you never imagined possible.

Let’s do this! : )


My passion and mission is to help you uncover and unlock your full personal potential, both physically and mentally, so that you can thrive rather than survive and catapult your life to levels you never imagined possible.Laura Moore - Queen of Uppyness