What’s your “pet peeve” health & fitness advice?

I’m often asked “What’s your “pet peeve” health & fitness advice?” (in terms of the worst health and fitness advice or guidance I’ve heard).  With so many crash diet plans and “quick fix” offers on the market, it’s always a hard choice, however, in my opinion, the WORST health and fitness advice that’s most commonly followed is:
“If you want to lose weight you need to eat mainly protein.”
As a health coach I can tell you that an imbalanced diet like this will result in poor gut and kidney function meaning your body becomes toxic, bloated and depleted of energy, which leads to long-term weight-gain, dehydration and even increases your risk of cancer.
BEST fitness advice:
“True health and fitness starts in the mind.”
During my years as a personal trainer I saw hundreds of people at various stages of their health and fitness journeys, and all of the challenges and wins that went along with that. The only ones that managed to achieve their goals and maintain their results long-term were those who aligned their body with their mind and embraced working on themselves from an internal perspective as part of their plan.

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