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As I said at the beginning of the book, I didn't write it just so you could learn something, I want you to be something, and in order to achieve that you have to do something.

So this is the place where you'll find everything you need in order to take action and start propelling yourself towards unfakeness and true health and happiness.

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Worksheets & Resources

Click on the image to download each worksheet and see which page it relates to in the book.

Current vs Ideal

Understand where you’re currently at versus where you want to be
Page 65

Debs Current vs Ideal

See an example for how to fill out this worksheet

Uppy Scale

Quantify where you’re currently at with your overall wellbeing
Page 60

Behaviour Goals

Set efficient short-term goals to guarantee you achieve your long-term goals
Page 105

Debs Behaviour Goals

See an example for how to fill out this worksheet

My Personal Planner

Outline your most important actions for the week
Page 106

Weekly Tracker

Track your physical lifestyle habits and how they impact the way you feel
Page 141

The Balanced Meal E-Book

Clinical nutritionist Victoria Malouf de-mystifies healthy eating
Page 144


Possibilities Process

Gain control and make sense of a situation to make logical decisions
Page 186

Relationship Blueprint

Take your relationship to a new level by understanding each other more deeply
Page 227


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