Why Uppy exists

Uppy exists to make a positive difference in the lives of busy entrepreneurs and professionals.

It’s a fact that we are more unhealthy and unhappy than ever before – despite having more information and solutions available than ever. In our bid to be successful we’re working our arses into the ground, and it just ain’t working for us. So we reckon it’s time to do things differently.


We leverage our experience as business leaders, stress management experts, content creators and comedians to challenge people’s perceptions of what they need to do in order to be successful, and in doing so help to reduce the rates of lifestyle related disease and levels of distress.

So join us as we dive underneath the hood of business and life to reveal all the interesting, funny and absurd things us career driven folk think and do in our bid to achieve success.

You can count on us to deliver fresh perspectives, open different doors and inspire meaningful change – while having a giggle along the way.

How Uppy Started

Uppy was founded by Laura Piccardi, after her business burned down and she burned out.

She worked her arse off for years trying to get to the top, but eventually her perfectionism, unrealistic expectations and need to be the best drove her to rock bottom.

Once Laura figured out how to operate differently and get her life back, she qualified as an Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner, and spent years helping entrepreneurs and professionals change the way they think and behave, so they too could achieve real success without burning out – and while having motr bloody fun!

Now she brings all that together with her British sense of humour and passion for creative content, to cut through the BS of business, inspire people to walk their own paths, and get some serious shit done while having fun.

Laura is also the author of the bestselling book, Unfaked.

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