Corporate Programs

When you give your people the opportunity to flourish personally, they will deliver professionally.

As we’re sure you’ll agree – the performance of your company relies on the individual performance of your team members.

So it makes sense then, that the personal development of your workforce is an integral part of your overall business strategy.

Uppy optimises the personal performance of your leaders and teams, so they can achieve what they want without burning out.

A more healthy and engaged
workforce, meaning employee
satisfaction and retention

A strong and stable culture,
making it easier to manage
change and drive innovation

More confident teams who are
motivated to pursue consistent
personal and business growth

Our Experience

Through experiential learning, practical actions and some good old fashioned fun, our programs teach your leaders and teams how to leverage the way their brains work, so they can adopt the thought and behaviour patterns necessary to optimise their personal performance…and have a good time in the process!

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If the personal development of your leaders and teams is important to your company, please get in touch to chat about how we can help you to create and execute an effective strategy.

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New Leaders Coaching Program

This 12 week program teaches new leaders how to make important mindset and behavioural changes so they can lead with confidence, authenticity and enthusiasm.

Includes weekly coaching sessions, online learning via the Uppy Academy, and real-time support and accountability from our team.

Personal Performance 1-2-1 Coaching

Personalised coaching sessions for leaders and team members to help them develop further in key areas:

Leadership, Presenting, Communication, Goal Setting, Confidence, Work/Life Balance

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Our workshops support your leaders in the personal development of their teams, so they too can enhance their personal performance through practical mindset and behavioural changes. 

Many of our standard topics come with complimentary courses in our online learning portal, so your teams can continue to learn at their own pace.

"Laura's delivery of complex topics in simple words made it very easy to understand and relatable. Her ability to communicate strategies to her audience with real life examples was brilliant. It can be difficult for a virtual presenter to engage their audience, but not for Laura. Engaging, entertaining, fun & easy to understand. Would highly recommend."
Theo Foukkare
Theo Foukkare
CEO at Australian Association of Convenience Stores

Popular Workshop Topics

Golding For Quarterly Sessions

We bring your team together to reflect on their performance from the previous quarter, set goals for the following one, and identify which areas they need to develop to enhance their own personal performance and work together effectively.

Steal The Show

Your team will learn the principles of confidence, together with practical strategies to leverage their mindset and physiology so they can present clearly, confidently and authentically.

Stop Stress Sabotaging Your Success

We educate your team on what happens inside their bodies and minds when they’re constantly busy, stressed and not switching off, and teach them simple strategies to optimise their physical and mental wellbeing.

What Are You Talking About

We teach your team how to identify and work with different personality traits and communication styles, so they can work effectively together and build a positive workplace culture.

Let The Creative Juices Flow

Innovation is a key aspect of consistent business growth, so in this workshop we teach your teams how to unlock their creative brains and have the confidence to openly explore ideas without fear of judgement.

We can of course tailor our workshops to suit the specific needs of your company and teams, so please chat with us about which areas of your team development we can help you with.

If you’re looking for a fresh and exciting keynote speaker or MC for your next conference or event, Laura’s your woman!

Laura is a professional speaker who will inspire, motivate and educate your audience, while also giving them a giggle. She combines funny and relatable business satire with her expertise in personal performance and mindset to deliver a truly unique and powerful experience.

"Yesterday we hosted a fantastic, invigorating event with the vibrant and engaging Laura Piccardi. The virtual event was so well received across attendees from multiple departments. Do yourself a favour and check her out, I highly recommend it!"
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison
Human Resources Project Officer at Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Queensland)

Popular Talks

The Fire That Freed Me

Laura shares her incredible journey from success to rock bottom and back again, the peak of which was when her business burned down and she burned out.

The Busyness Epidemic

Laura talks about our obsession with busyness, how it’s impacting our bodies and minds, and how to create a new definition of balance and success.

You Talkin’ To Me?

Laura teaches the audience how to master their inner critic and how they communicate with themselves, so they can effectively manage whatever comes their way.

Speaking Topics

If you’d like to know more about how Uppy can specifically help you and your teams, please get in touch to chat about a game plan!