It's time to:
Unleash who you really are
Unleash the life you really want
Unleash the confidence to live it
It's time to:

So what is Uppy? 

Uppy is you, the real you and nothing but the real you

Uppy is a way of life: When you know who you are, what you want and you have the confidence to stay true to that – you’re Uppy. And when you’re Uppy, you can do anything you want. You have more time, energy, motivation, clarity, passion, purpose, freedom…and a whole lot more fun!


1 to 1 coaching using the Uppy Unleashed framework

Tuscany Retreat

7 full days of Uppy Unleashed training to find the real you in the beautiful Tuscany

Speaking and Workshops

Inspire, motivate & educate your leaders, teams and audiences with Laura’s powerful trainings and talks

Australian Coach

“Working with Laura was fantastic & a lot of fun...she has truly changed my life for the better”

Lyndsey Henderson,
Entrepreneur & Physiotherapist

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G’day! My name’s Laura, aka The Queen of Uppyness and International Stress Management Expert.  I created Uppy after my health and life hit rock bottom, as a result of working my arse off for years and putting a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. It wasn’t until my business burned down before my eyes that I finally realised I needed to make a change.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, lost and alone. It sucks. And I know that most people are in the same position with no idea how to get out of it.

The good news is, I do know how to get out of it – and stay out of it. Drawing on my 15 years of studies, personal experience and professional experience working with hundreds of clients, I’ve turned Uppy into a proven framework that gets life changing results over and over again.




Join Laura as she discusses her observations of the world & how we can use them to live more


Interesting & insightful articles for unlocking your full potential in all areas of your life


A private community dedicated to supporting driven women through this crazy thing we call life

Uppy’s mission is to free people from mind fuckery
Laura Moore, Queen of Uppyness
Uppy’s mission is to free people from mind fuckery
Laura Moore, Queen of Uppyness