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Live like a footballer & win at life

Have you ever taken longer to complete a task, spent more money than you needed to or got more stressed than necessary…because you wanted to do it all yourself and not have to ask for help?

How’d that work out for you?

I observe this mind f*ckery every day. You’d rather f*ck yourself over than ask for help and risk feeling like a failure, risk people finding out you actually have no idea what you’re doing (even though you do), or risk having to admit you can’t do it all (even though you can’t…because no-one can!)

And as a result you end up over-worked, tired, stressed, unhappy and generally not achieving everything you wanted anyway.

Reckon it’s time to make a change?

I say let’s all operate as footballers do, and surround ourselves with experts who have been put on this planet to help us continually learn, grow and develop…and support us towards success. Imagine if we valued and embraced help like footballers, and indeed all sportspeople, do. How much easier, enjoyable and fulfilling would life be?

Join me as I talk more on this subject and invite you to find out.

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